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Optimization of your cash flow

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Risk diversification in your supply chain and production


Relief in day-to-day business

We have agreed consignment warehouses and/or Kanban processes with some customers, for which ESTB is independently responsible. The min. and max. stocks are only reconciled with the customer on a regular basis (usually every 3 months).

Due to the permanent provision of the inventories, the customer has complete transparency with a considerable relief in the daily business.


Variabilization of fixed costs and optimization of cash flow

By using the infrastructure from ESTB, our customers can variabilize their fixed costs and do not have to invest in new production halls. As ESTB also takes care of the procurement and stocking of components, the customers’ cash flow is optimized at the same time. In addition, the supply chain is more agile.


Risk diversification

Some of our customers use us for risk diversification by using ESTB as a second production pillar that can give the necessary support if needed. This strategy worked particularly well during the Corona pandemic. In addition, our customers benefit from our different locations, as this increases our flexibility.


Finding solutions for specific problems and flexibility

With the help of the creativity of our employees and our network partners, we often find solutions to our customers’ problems. In doing so, we also take unusual paths.

Many of our customers already benefit from our added values.
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Due to sophisticated strategies, ESTB is able to scale production significantly within a few days. This enables us to handle peaks in demand at short notice.


Utilization of purchasing advantages

ESTB cooperates with strategic partners in procurement. For new customers we request the supply of specific components from our strategic partners. This allows us to offer purchasing advantages for our customers and reduce the complexity of the supply chain.


Supply Chain Competence

The ESTB invests a lot in the acquisition of supply chain competence. Active participation in the Roundtable Germany of the Council of Supply Chain Management helps in this. Furthermore, the networking of the ERP systems with customers and suppliers is being driven forward.


Values - Openness and Responsibility

The backbone of ESTB is our values of openness and responsibility. We offer our customers open-book calculations and with the help of Service Level Agreements the responsibilities are clearly described and also measured with KPI. Part of our daily routine is to check the quality of the base data at the beginning of a cooperation with the customer in order to optimize it.

Customers and suppliers who already benefit
from our added value

Deutsche Mechatronics is known for the development and manufacture of complex mechatronic systems. Quality and delivery reliability are the most important parameters for our customers. When we had the difficulty with a subcontractor of not receiving enough assemblies within the agreed timeframe, we were forced to act to avoid contract penalties. To solve this problem we turned to ESTB. The situation was mastered at short notice and extremely flexibly, as they found alternative suppliers from the ESTB network and the procurement problems were solved.
On the one hand and, on the other hand, ESTB’s own production employees ensured the production on site for several weeks. Thus, this crisis was mastered, major trouble with the end customer was avoided and contractual penalties were prevented. I can only say that I and everyone at Deutsche Mechatronics is impressed by ESTB as a strong, highly flexible and solution-oriented team!

Jürgen Carl
Managing Director Deutsche Mechatronics GmbH, Germany

Our business is very project-dependent and it often happens that larger project orders have to be served at short notice alongside our day-to-day business. Due to its scaling strategies, ESTB is excellently positioned to master these challenges. In the many years we have worked together, we have successfully delivered even the most difficult project orders.

Peter Baldowsky
Head of Supply Chain Management Oktalite, Germany

As a strategic partner of ESTB, mediaprint solutions GmbH has already been able to achieve better prices for many ESTB customers through a wide range of measures as part of its 360° solutions.

Detlef Luthin
Managing Director mediaprint solutions GmbH, Germany

Together with ESTB, our strategic partner, we have continuously improved our supply chains in recent years. We are impressed by the competence and determination with which ESTB works in this area.

Ulrich Schnittker
Manager / Executive Order Processing Centre (OPCE) Trilux, Germany

What excites me about working with ESTB is seeing how the employees live the ESTB values of openness and responsibility; they are always concerned with finding the right solution for the customer. Challenges are addressed quickly and directly, and solutions are then sought and implemented together.

Klaus Holterhoff

Compleo Connect GmbH, Germany