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ESTB – A strong team inspires

Why is it so important for us to be a strong team?

At the beginning of every new project, we take a holistic view of the entire logistics chain. For this we need the skills of each individual to provide you with the best possible solution.

The focus is on people!

As a modern, innovative company, we stand for openness, responsibility, humanity, communication and everything that binds us together. Because only as a strong unit we are able to create strong and customer-centric solutions.

We are not here just for service and order fulfillment.




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Communication as the key to success

As a strong, value-oriented team, we live an environment of trust and clear communication at eye level. We know that only open, solution-oriented and appreciative communication creates clarity for everyone involved and sets clear goals.
Furthermore, it connects, stimulates ideas and paves new paths to master any challenge together.

Our employees are our future. We expect entrepreneurial thinking and a willingness to perform from our employees.

Diversity is an important value for internal cooperation and equal opportunities.

Diversity is the term for variety, and nowadays it is more essential than ever.
WWe don’t just see it as a trend to focus on diversity, we give real people real opportunities.

UOur team is made up of over 350 employees, 35 nationalities, professionals and non-specialists, and over 70% women, whom we encourage in every position. Because a mixed workforce is a foundation for solid development of the company.
Because we know: Only truly satisfied employees are capable of top performance.


ESTB – Our responsibility for the social & ecological environment.

This is how real sustainability is created! We support you in minimizing your ecological footprint.

Good for the environment & profitable for you.

Because we show you potential savings, reduce work and transport steps to the necessary minimum and optimize production processes. So you reduce your costs and save time at the same time. Our contribution to the environment does not only amount to the optimization of work steps. In our own production we pay attention to e.g. plastic reduction in many ways. Our production hall in Mechernich also has solar panels and can use renewable energy.
We want to represent the value of sustainability in an ecological, economic and social sense.

How we do that? Visit our page on LinkedIn for an insight.


For you. For us. For the future.


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Our team

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Our management draws on many years of experience from various industrial companies.

Sönke Kühl

Managing Director

Marc Schmidt

Managing Director

Sebastian May

Manager Location Neheim

ESTB Marc Schmidt

Marc Schmidt

Manager Location Mechernich

Ferit Cakar

Manager Location Sümmern

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